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Monday, January 21, 2008

Special Friend

You are a special friend ,
Who I know is always there
Some one to share my life with
Every hope,dream and care .

All the time I've spent with you,
Puts a smile upon my face
I hope one day I'll be with you again
Some how,some time ,some place.

You mean a lot to me and I would
Do anything in the world for you
So,no matter whats going on in your life
Just remember you have someone to turn to.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about you more than I should,
But I wont stop myself even if I could
The time has come , you should know
You mean so much to me ,though it may not show.

This is all so hard for me to say,
I couldn't think of any other way.
You've gained my respect and my trust
You know without saying for who I lust.

You're the best guy I've ever met
For our friendship I'll forever be in debt
I think so highly of you, I thought you should know
I'm here for you,forever ,even when you are feeling low.

If something should happen to me or you,
I think its time you knew
You are on top of my list in everything
You don't understand the joy you bring.

To my heart , my life and all I do
I just wanted to tell you that .. "I LOVE YOU "


korri said...

hi ... dis one was really good ...... who is de lucky guy megha..hope u nd ur loved once be too gether for ever

ash said...


ash said...


ammu said...

truly touching word,...

SREERAG said...

thanks for this words..........

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