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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Promise To My Love

I am back after a long long time.... there wasn't enough motivation for me to write I guess.. Never mind...this post is dedicated to someone really really special !!

Learning how to love is a life long process. Each day we learn a little more. It can be hard work and sometimes we make mistakes, but Love is worth the effort! You are worth the effort !

I believe that no one can love you
quite as deeply as I do;
And yet I often fail to show
the depth of it to you.
I vow to do the little things,
to show you every day;
But one thing or another
seems to get into the way.
I pledge to be more open,
to have courage and be strong;
But some how sometimes fear takes over
and then everything goes wrong.
I dream of perfect love for us,
and hope that it will be;
And yet I end up giving you
a less than perfect me.
I want to be much more for you,
be everything you need.
I hope and seek, beg and pray
"Change me God! ", I plead.
You are the only one I want.
It is for you I yearn.
I guess, my love, there's still so much
that I have yet to learn.
I cannot give perfection,
but this I promise I will do -
I will spend my life time learning
how to give my love to you.

- Megha

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paa .. I love you !

I never thought I'd write a poem like this , infact I have no idea how I could write this one - but I guess this is one way I could let my emotions out - my feelings for the one person who meant the most to me - MY DAD . You will always be my hero , there are so many things I want to say to u Paa.. I was not done yet - there were so many things we still had to do together....

I just cant let go of the fact that I wont be seeing you again ever ... I dont have the strength to accept the fact Paa...

I cried again today
Uncontrollable tears fell from my eyes,
It seems like all I do is cry
And its getting harder from to hide.
I lie in bed and cry all night,
And I don't feel any better in the morning light.

Paa ... I miss you !!

I held your hand as you took your last agonizing breath,
You fought with with your heart and soul.
My world came crashing down like a pack of cards
I dint want to be consoled.

I never thought I'd see you die
How could you walk away breaking all ties?
Who will teach me right from wrong?
With you gone .. ?
Whom will I turn for answers ,
When life does not make sense?
Who will be there to hold me close ,
And always be there for my defence?

I cant call you on the phone,
I cant knock on your door,
No matter how loud I scream,
You wont be there for me like before.

It was so hard for you to let me go off at the airport,
To let you 'beta' venture into a world unknown,
Without you holding my hand,or catch me if I fall
To walk the path that you have shown.

Paa .. I need you !!

So many images come into my mind,
Whenever I speak of your name
I cant seem to come to terms with the fact
That our lives wont be the same.

The times we've shared,the laughs we've had
Things I miss when I think of you Dad.
Realising that's all I have to hold on to,
Only memories of what once was you

Missing your laugh, I will never again hear.
That is the reality that fills me with so much fear.

No more smile on your face,
No more warmth of your embrace.

The last hug, The last kiss,
The last "goodbye" leaves me with one last wish...
To have you Dad, here today,
Never to leave your Daughter this way.

Oh, Paa, if I could turn back time
and once more hear your voice;
I'd tell you that out of all the dads
you would still be my choice.

Please always know I love you
and no one can take your place;
Years may come and go
but your memory will never be erased.

Today, God, as You are listening
in your home above;
Would you go and find my dad
and give him all my love.

Paa ... I love you !!

- Megha

Saturday, July 4, 2009

How hard will it be till that day ?

I will light a candle every night,
I will hold my tears and stop cry...
I know love excited somehow,
I know faith will lead us someday ..
I miss you today even more than yesterday,
My heart still burning when you are away...
Cant say a thing but still feel you here ,
Somehow beside me through the storm .....

How hard will it be till that day ?????

Thursday, May 28, 2009


The biggest topic around today
Is to watch all the things you eat
If you want to remain healthy and slim
Stay away from anything sweet !!

Now, I know they really mean well
But aren’t they carrying a bit too far
Don’t they realize how unhappy I’d be
If I cannot eat those chocolate bars ??????????

I’m not the one who thrives on veggies
Fruits – I don’t care at all
Just give me chocolate n e time
N I will have a ball

In fact it's been said,
a piece of dark chocolate,
is good to have once a day.
Because it's an antioxidant
and will help keep most problems away.

I try to keep abreast of
what's good or bad to eat..
Do they honestly think I'll ever give up,
that delecious chocolate treat?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Come , Walk with me ..

Come walk with me just one more mile
Before we call it quits
Forget about the broken dreams
Now broken into bits.

My emotions may get strong on me
But don’t you walk away
Hold on to me and keep me close
Don’t you let me stray

Put one more foot out, forward
without which I’d regret
So lets keep our eyes locked to the front
Coz we are not finished yet.

Lets keep moving on the road ahead
Not think of whats left behind
Coz if we keep moving
Our destiny we might find

We might find few surprises
that might even make you smile
Might even see life clearer
While walking for a while.

We might even find some pieces
That we missed along the way
Or some new ones that are better
To use another day.

So another mile together
Can I walk with you?
One more little effort
Before we bid adieu….

- Megha

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I still love you...

A forgotten poem - now completed . I dedicate this to someone really close to me.

When I close my eyes, fear grips me tight
Thoughts about you, leaves me sleepless at nights.

Dint want to let you go, I wish you could just stay
Dint want to move away from you, and this feeling becomes strong each day

Things happen for wrong reasons, things happen for better
When I said we’d part our ways, sweet memories turned bitter

Everything went downhill; where did it all go wrong?
I still think about you, and listen to our only song

I am not supposed to wonder where you are and what you do
But am I still here writing and thinking about you

I am not supposed to love you; I am not supposed to care
I am not to live my life wishing you were there

I probably broke your heart, and I think I broke mine too
I don’t know how to say this, but I think I still love you…..

- Megha

Monday, April 21, 2008

I think I'm in love with you ...

I don't know what to say,
or even what to do,
all I know is that
I think I'm in love with you.

Yes, I’m in love
what else can I say?
I guess it just happened
and grew more with each day.

This may sound crazy I know,
But I needed to let it out
because there is something there,
I know without a doubt

How do I tell you?
Where do I begin?
Every time I think of you
It stirs up feelings hidden deep within.

My love blooms for you
like a flower in spring,
With petals sprinkled with dew
it’s an amazing and beautiful thing.
I hold on to it gently
and feel its light glow,
as into my heart
it begins to flow.

I don’t want to take it slow,
nor do I want to rush .
There’s no need to worry,
There’s no reason for any fuss.

Sometimes the words don’t come easy to me
but the feelings always do,
I don't know what's happening
but I think I'm in love with you.

I always enjoy the time I spend with you,
Because nothing makes me feel the way you do.
From now until the end of time,
I will always be in love with you.

- Megha.

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